Who We Are!

The Heide-Way Farm is “Your Source for Farm-Fresh Produce”. Located 20 miles north of Abilene, Kansas, The Heide-Way Farm is a member of the Kansas Vegetable Growers Association and sustainably produces a variety of naturally-grown fruits and vegetables, a large variety of herbs and starter plants, cut flowers, all-natural beef and pork, eggs, and home-made jams, jellies, and preserves.

While most of the products are direct-marketed at the farmers’ market in Manhattan, Kansas from May through October, the farm also offers a “CSA Program” in April, November and December. During these colder months, this Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program offers over 25 different varieties of cold-hearty vegetables, roots, greens and herbs. Please contact the farm for details at 785-210-4892. or david.heidebrink@gmail.com.

All of the farm’s fruits and vegetables are grown using organic methods without chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides or artificial fertilizers. The farm takes pride in offering only the highest quality produce to it’s customers and guarantees satisfaction.

If you have questions about what the farm offers, growing methods, our sustainabilty practices, or would like to come visit the farm or sign-up for the Winter CSA Program, please contact David or Jamie Heidebrink at the number provided above.

Membership Fees

A small, $25.00 membership fee is required for all applicants to gain membership into the CSA. This administration fee is intended to offset the cost of leasing the invaluable software/website used to operate the CSA.

Ordering Options

Unlike other co-ops, buying clubs, or CSAs where everyone gets the same box of stuff (and you don’t know what you’re getting until you get it), with The Heide-Way Farm CSA you get to order what you want, in the quantities that you want, directly from the farm. The weekly email will list the new products available that week, and you can browse all of the items on this website before you place your order.

Other Important Items

Placing Orders

Each Tuesday evening, an email will be sent to all members to inform them that the “ordering function” on this website has been enabled and that they can begin placing orders. Members must place their order for the week any time after that email goes out, but no later than Thursday at 5:00 p.m. Orders are placed here on our website under “The Market” tab.

I will receive each member’s order by Thursday night and harvest on Friday.

Picking Up Orders

At 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, members can pick-up their orders at the north parking lot of Cico Park off of Kimball. If you cannot personally pick up your order, please make arrangements for another member, friend, or family member to do so. We’re very flexible!

Unless your account has a credit balance, payment for each week’s order is due at the time of delivery either by check or cash.

Why Support Locally-Grown?

By purchasing produce and other items from local growers you are providing stability to your local economy through the support of local businesses. Also, we are right here in your community so the expense of transportation and delivery is kept to a minimum. CSA supporters provide the means to help educate our community about the importance of sustainable agriculture. Then number of small farms in the United States has decreased dramatically in the last decade. Please help us preserve an honest and worthy means of making a living.

Still have questions? Please email David Heidebrink.